piero bisello

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Bot or Not Algolit Performance Goethe Institut, Paris November 2016 here
On A Journey With Hovelbot Algolit Installation Constant, Brussels November 2016 here
Don't Fly Contact PB Poster bb15, Linz October 2016 here
ATMO Haseeb Ahmed Performance Counter Space, Zurich September 2016 here
Frankenstein Chatbot Parade Algolit Artist Book Mad Scientist Festival at Natural History Museum, Bern September 2016 here
The Park PB pdf/web Flections May
The Wind Egg Haseeb Ahmed Performance Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Brussels May 2016 here
due opere riprese PLTS1 Artist Book Giada Temporary Gallery, Trieste October 2015 here
fpm Artist Book Argos, Brussels October 2015 here here here
Twist To Expand The Twisted Expansion Installation New Eldorado, Montreal July 2015 here
Sporco Dietro Il Ginocchio PB Framed Print De La Charge, Brussels April 2015 here
Three Isaac Brest's Paintings Whose Title Is My Name AKA La Forma Che Ha Preso Il Mio Nome PB Artist Book 84 Cedar St, Brooklyn March 2015 here
Future History Press Release Irina Vainio Performance OT301/4Bid, Amsterdam November 2014 here
Fictional Thomas Wedgwood PBJA Video Portmanteau, Geneva April 2014 here